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Reclameing Lead Shot From Range

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  • EnviroMetal Lead Shot Reclamation and Recovery Services

    Envirometal Lead Shot Reclamation And Recovery Services

    Lead Shot Reclamation and Recovery Services will make your gun club extra money by reclaiming the lead shot from your shooting range with our patented Lead Shot Recovery system 765

  • Firing Range Lead Reclamation Firing Range Services

    Firing Range Lead Reclamation Firing Range Services

    MT2 will remove, reclaim, and recycle lead from your range, meeting the high levels of OSHA and EPA standards. While maintaining the safety of our gun range, we guarantee to pay you between 60% 80% of LME for your lead value at the time of service. Indoor Reclamation/ Recycling. Outdoor Reclamation/ Recycling.

  • When is the Right Time to Reclaim Lead from an Outdoor

    When Is The Right Time To Reclaim Lead From An Outdoor

    Oct 29, 2018 Interview with Jim Uhlinger, Senior Range Engineer at MT2 Firing Range Services. Understanding the needs of your firing range and how to effectively plan a lead reclamation and maintenance schedule is very important. Considerations discussed in this interview include common questions surrounding lead reclaimed/recovered from outdoor ranges and the differences between reclaiming lead from rifle ...

  • How to clean reclaimed shot from skeet range

    How To Clean Reclaimed Shot From Skeet Range

    Feb 26, 2013 Lead and Lead Alloys How to clean reclaimed shot from skeet range If this is your first visit, ... How to clean reclaimed shot from skeet range I went down to the local skeet range and swept up a couple coffee cans of lead shot off the ground. It has a light grey look to it. Does anyone know the easiest way to get the organic material out of it.

  • Range Recovery Technologies

    Range Recovery Technologies

    Range Recoverys PCM 2.0 is a patent pending, skid steer driven screening attachment that is designed specifically to remove lead shot from outdoor trap, skeet, and sporting clays fields. The process begins with tilling the soil to dry it out and loosen up any chunks.

  • Northwest Reclamation Lead Metal Reclamation Website

    Northwest Reclamation Lead Metal Reclamation Website

    Northwest Reclamation is a lead shot reclamation company specializing in trap, skeet and sporting clay ranges. Contractor services for all phases of lead reclamation and sales. We provide all services necessary and arrange for all shipping of lead salvaged. Aggregate services available.

  • Gun Range Clean Up

    Gun Range Clean Up

    LEAD SHOT AND COPPER RECOVERY FROM GUN RANGES. START YOUR OWN BUSINESS. You can make good money cleaning up $0.80 per pound of LEAD and $3.00 per from COPPER from old gun ranges. Most of the values are near or right on the surface making for light excavation cost.

  • Windmill Enterprises LLC Lead Shot Reclamation Services

    Windmill Enterprises Llc Lead Shot Reclamation Services

    Windmill Enterprises specializes in lead shot recovery. Well come in, extract the lead and hand you a check. Let us clean up your shooting range with minimal impact to your business. We have all the tools and equipment to get the job done right. Our years of experience allow us to get the most lead in the least amount of time.

  • Reclaimed Recycled lead shot great for ballast weight

    Reclaimed Recycled Lead Shot Great For Ballast Weight

    Recycled Lead Shot. This is Recycled lead shot from gun ranges. Its just been air cleaned, and not to be used for reloading. This is the best and cheapest source for just dead weight. Some foreign debris, i.e. rocks/dust and clay targets should be expected. Products (.

  • Lead Shot Reclamation Machine for Sale For Range Mining

    Lead Shot Reclamation Machine For Sale For Range Mining

    Apr 10, 2016 I reclaimed a range during a week vacation and only recovered about 40,000lbs. It was just a small club shooting into a farm field that had been tilled many times over. I also stayed on my word and payed the landowner the royalty I said I would, and didnt have much left over. I also had lead stolen from the site.

  • Reclaimed shot at the club Page 2 Trapshooters Forum

    Reclaimed Shot At The Club Page 2 Trapshooters Forum

    Jan 30, 2020 Reclaimed lead shot (as it comes from the field) is a filthy mess that includes a substantial amount of dirt and other contaminants. It requires a GREAT DEAL of processing before it can be used. Once upon a time I tried cleaning about 500 pounds of it using a cement mixer with an unlimited supply of water.

  • Chilled Bulk Lead Shot For Sale Reclaimed Lead Shot

    Chilled Bulk Lead Shot For Sale Reclaimed Lead Shot

    Available by the bag or in bulk. Call today to purchase direct or for a distributor in your area. To order Lawrence Brand Shot call Adam Kidd 1-800-749-6061 or by email at To order West Coast Magnum Shot call Adam Kidd 1-800-749-6061 or by email at

  • Reclaimed Shot Shotgun Report

    Reclaimed Shot Shotgun Report

    Mar 18, 2020 1 Response to Reclaimed Shot. Gerald A Packard says March 18, 2020 at 1202 pm. A number of years ago our club reclaimed the shot from the fields (7). Huge amount. The club earned 1/3 of what was reclaimed and offered it to members at about $12 a bag. Works great for skeet in 12 to 20.

  • Tips on Salvaging Range Lead

    Tips On Salvaging Range Lead

    Jun 02, 2007 Ive seen some good tips here and there, but little in the way of pics, and a number of questions unanswered. We have an outside berm that has been shot into for years and has never (to the best of my knowledge) had any lead salvaged from it. I dug around in it and came up with a few pounds of scrap, but Id like to go with real gusto and not re-invent the wheel in refining a method.

  • Reclaimed shot lead Oklahoma Shooters

    Reclaimed Shot Lead Oklahoma Shooters

    Apr 27, 2015 Contact Rick with Ricks Shooting Supply. He sells reclaimed shot. He is routinely at the OKC Gun Club shotgun range with his supply trailer. His number is 580-761-3513. He is a great guy. He also has a website you can look at.

  • Recycling lead bullets and shot from shooting ranges

    Recycling Lead Bullets And Shot From Shooting Ranges

    May 04, 2007 Ohio EPA does not have guidance specific to reclaiming lead shot from shooting ranges, however, U.S. EPA has developed an on-line fact sheet titled, Best Management Practices for Lead at Outdoor Shooting Ranges. Lead shot that is reclaimed (processed to recover a usable product), is considered scrap metal and is therefore exempt from regulation as a hazardous waste.

  • Reclaimed Lead Shot 225 Bags 50 Pounds RotoMetals

    Reclaimed Lead Shot 225 Bags 50 Pounds Rotometals

    The pellets are fairly round, given that they were used before. Expect slightly larger patterns due them not being perfectly spherical. I used the reclaimed shot on short- to mid-range clays in a tournament today and it broke the targets just as well as first-run shot. Saved money in the process too. Try it,

  • EnviroMetal Lead Shot Reclamation and Recovery Services

    Envirometal Lead Shot Reclamation And Recovery Services

    Lead contamination of soil at ranges where shooting is over dry land is not necessarily a serious concern. But, problems could develop with the publics perception of a problem. Contact us today for a quote on reclaiming the lead shot for your gun club or range today Call John Sims at 765-667-9769 or click here to email John.

  • Home Page

    Home Page

    We would love to visit your range and discuss a lead recovery program for your gun club. Dennis 217-710-2585 Matt 217-710-2583 BAKER FARMS LEAD RECLAMATION Let us turn your lead into Cash The Scope of our work includes Reclaiming Lead Shot and Bullets from Shooting Ranges, including Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays, Rifle and ...

  • Northwest Magnum Reclaimed Shot Shotgun Forum

    Northwest Magnum Reclaimed Shot Shotgun Forum

    Apr 15, 2011 The only difference between it and new shot is that the hardness is slightly less well controlled due to the variation in the reclaimed lead. I have heard that the antimony content is typically a percent or two lower than the name brand new shot but it is still hard enough to legitimately qualify as magnum.

  • Reclaimed shot for casting bullets

    Reclaimed Shot For Casting Bullets

    Mar 10, 2017 Reclaimed lead shot good for casting bullets ? Failure is not an Option. 03-03-2017, 0350 PM 2. jmort. View Profile View Forum Posts Banned Join Date Jan 2011 Location Color Me Gone Posts 8,354. Yes Pretty close to COWW Add a little tin and you are set 03-03-2017 ...

  • Tips on Salvaging Range Lead Archive Cast Boolits

    Tips On Salvaging Range Lead Archive Cast Boolits

    Oct 02, 2016 View Full Version Tips on Salvaging Range Lead. mooman76. 05-19-2007, 0622 PM. If the range has been shot allot, there should be a pretty good indintation in the backstop. The place where it is deepest should have the most. Get some heavy metal screen like the diamond shaped stuff with small holes.

  • 25 lbs lead shot

    25 Lbs Lead Shot

    Caldwell Lead Sled Weight Bag with Durable Construction and Water Resistance for Outdoor, Range, Shooting and Hunting 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,864 $28.03 $ 28 . 03 $29.99 $29.99

  • Looking for Reclaimed Lead Shot SASS Wire Classifieds

    Looking For Reclaimed Lead Shot Sass Wire Classifieds

    Apr 28, 2018 Judicial College. SASS 79885 Life. Dakota Rough Riders, Belfield Bandits, Montana Peacemakers, Buffalo Range Riders. Share. Posted April 23, 2018. Looking for Reclaimed Lead Shot at a reasonable price. I have found some at $65.00 for 50 lbs. Shipped which is about $20 less than I can buy the same amount of new for.

  • Lead Shot Bb9 Precision Reloading

    Lead Shot Bb9 Precision Reloading

    Magnum Lead Shot 9 (.080) (25 lb. Bag) Magnum lead shot contains 5% antimony and matches the performance of premier factory round ammunition. Results are tight patterns, shorter strings, maximum density and greater range. Due to the high price of lead, manufacturer may vary. Prices are

  • Best Management Practices for Lead at Outdoor

    Best Management Practices For Lead At Outdoor

    BMP for Lead at Outdoor Shooting Ranges Acknowledgements The USEPA would like to acknowledge the support of The National Rifle Association of America The National Shooting Sports Foundation The Wildlife Management Institute Mark Begley of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Mr. Dick Peddicord of Dick Peddicord and Company, Inc.

  • About Us Lead Reclaiming

    About Us Lead Reclaiming

    Lead Reclaiming, LLC is a Company specializing in lead reclamation from shooting ranges. Our process screens the soil to remove the lead without the use of water or chemicals. Additionally, we purchase lead that has already been reclaimed. We are currently scheduling shooting ranges for the second half of 2018 so please Contact Us today

  • Lead contamination in shooting range soils from

    Lead Contamination In Shooting Range Soils From

    Lead contamination in shooting range soils from abrasion of lead bullets and subsequent weathering . ... Second Circuit ruled that Pb shot in shooting ranges met the statutory definition of solid waste, ... 175-183 . and if the Pb were not reclaimed it could be labeled hazardous waste subject to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (USEPA ...

  • Best Management Practices for Lead at Outdoor Shooting Ranges

    Best Management Practices For Lead At Outdoor Shooting Ranges

    Sep 17, 2021 The Best Management Practices for Lead at Outdoor Shooting Ranges (PDF) (103 pp, 2.4MB, About PDF) manual provides owners and operators of outdoor rifle, pistol, trap, skeet and sporting clay ranges with information on lead management at their ranges. The manual explains how environmental laws are applicable to lead management and presents a ...

  • Reclaimed Shot pros and cons Shotgun Forum

    Reclaimed Shot Pros And Cons Shotgun Forum

    Apr 19, 2011 Tin Man said Local trap club sells reclaimed for $12.00 25 lbs. this is todays price 18/04/2011. The process is screen it twice, drop it past a blower once, wash dry it then apply graphite. This is some good clean stuff and I have loaded/shot it for years. I shoot it in all my guns 12, 20, 28 for practice without damage to

  • Reclaimed Lead Shot NorthSouth Skirmish Association

    Reclaimed Lead Shot Northsouth Skirmish Association

    May 08, 2017 Reclaimed Lead Shot. Portions of the N-SSA official websites Bulletin Board has been closed to the public in the best interest of the association and its members. Registered users have access to the entire board once they LOGIN. Please send all skirmish invites and programs for the main website, and all website updates to

  • Lead Miners reclaimed shot put to the test Winston

    Lead Miners Reclaimed Shot Put To The Test Winston

    Nov 08, 2014 Test 3. Reclaimed shot and homemade shot patterned about the same in terms of percent of the pellets inside the 30-inch circle at 34 yards. But the reclaimed shot is a bit more spread out.. The variable that shows that is the 75% diameter, that is, the diameter of a circle that would contain 75% of the shot.

  • How does one harvest lead shot from a Skeet feild

    How Does One Harvest Lead Shot From A Skeet Feild

    Larry Gibson. 10-25-2011, 1139 AM. If you have access to a cement mixer (the small portable kind), power and water shovel the lead laden dirt into the mixer, run water in it and run the mixer. The lead shot will seperate from the dirt and sink to the bottom. The dirt will float up and out with the water.

  • recover lead shot Trapshooters Forum

    Recover Lead Shot Trapshooters Forum

    Aug 01, 2007 Joined Jan 29, 1998. . 22 Posts. 4 Jul 16, 2007. Cement mixer.. get about 50 pounds of steel BBs.. 150 to 200 pounds of lead shot.. Remove paddles and line with neopreme.. install 6 or 8 neo paddles.. about 3 high.. Tumble for 3 hours on high speed.. wash a few

  • Reclaimed bird shot Cast Bullet Forum

    Reclaimed Bird Shot Cast Bullet Forum

    May 12, 2011 I havent reclaimed lead shot but have salvaged old lead accumulated from an indoor small-bore / pistol range. The lead oxide will not melt and absorbs a lot of the heat. Small quantities had to be added to the pot at a time and produced a large amount of dross. If you crack the lead oxide shell off the lead shot, Id be careful handling the ...